Online workshop “Wavetable Synthesis”


Since it’s first introduction in the beginning of the 80’ies wavetable synthesis offered a whole new pallette of soundshaping possibilities. Being completely digitally based, wavetable synthesis unlocked a new era of what would later become virtual synths and computer based DAWs. Since it’s initial introduction to a broader audience, wavetable synthesis has undergone a tremendous evolution. It is an evolution that is marked by a gradual shift from hardware synths suchs as the legendary PPG Wave 2 series, Waldorf’s Wave or Blofeld series to recent powerhouse software wavetable synths such as Xfer Serum, Arturia’s Pigments or Vital Audio’s Vital.

At the core level, the basic principles of wavetable synthesis are fairly easy to understand. But beyond this it is not straightforward to systematically grasp and use the enormous potential of wavetable synthesis and build your own sonic palette using this unique sound sculpting method.

The workshop “Wave Table Synthesis I” gives a practical, condensed and hands on answer to this question. In this 3 day workshop you’ll be taught a systematic method and technique how to design your own sounds using wavetable synthesis.

The workshop is intended for musicians, music producers, composers, sound designers or artistic creative interested minds. No previous knowledge is required for this workshop.

This workshop is hosted and organized by the Center-MCS (Center for Music, Coding and Sound Design). Check out more on Center-MCS and get the latest updates via our facebook page .

On a practical side the workshop is organized into two sessions:

Session 1: 4 hours on day 1 (26/03 from 14u00 till 18u00)

In this first session you learn to get acquainted with the basic principles of wavetable synthesis, relevant fundamental general principles of sound synthesis and the building blocks and functionality of a typical wavetable synth.

In this session we’ll also be building a whole range of practical examples.

The second day of the workshop is we’ll apply the knowledge from session 1 in the first practical hands on session. You’ll expand your in depth knowledge of wavetable synthesis further and learn how to synthesize various concrete instrument types.

-Fundamental of wavetable synthesis part 1

  • working with wavetable editor
  • wavetable and spectral morphing techniques
  • working with modulation
  • working with effects
  • working with advances filter techniques

-Practical synthesis of bowed string sound
-Practical synthesis of plucked string sound
-Practical synthesis of brass sounds
-Practical synthesis of woodwind sounds
-Practical synthesis of bass sounds
-Practical synthesis of tonal percussive sounds

Sesssion 3: 4 hours on day 2 (27/03 from 14u00 till 18u00)

For the second day of the workshop you’ll first further refine your knowledge of the workings and principles of wavetable synthesis using hands on examples and patches. Hereby we’ll have a second in depth session on the nuts and bolts of wavetable synthesis and. To end this session you’ll apply this knowledge to synthesize various additional instrument types.

-Fundamental of wavetable synthesis part 2

  • advanced modulation techniques
  • advanced envelope techniques
  • working with effects
  • velocity and keyboard scaling

-Practical synthesis of pad sounds
-Practical synthesis of drum and non tonal percussive sounds
-Practical synthesis of cinematic sounds and drone sounds
-Practical synthesis of keyboard sounds
-Practical synthesis of lead sounds
-Practical synthesis of vocal sounds
-Practical synthesis of special effects

Depending on request of the participants synthesis of particular instruments or sounds can be handled as well or focus can be directed to one or more specific class of sounds.


Laptop and an internet connection. This workshop does can be followed entirely with free Vital plugin from Vital Audio ( The workshop does not require any knowledge or previous experience with wavetable synthesis or sound synthesis in general. All techniques and principles will be explained right from the start.

Planning and duration of the workshop:
10 hours in total. This 3 day workshop runs from 26/03 till 27/03, daily from 14u00 till 18u00.

Cost of the workshop:
Cost of the workshop:
-95 € 
A maximum off 15 participants can join this workshop.

Enroll and/or additional info:

-You can enroll for this workshop via the following eventbrite link:

Once enrolled you’ll receive a Zoom link in the week before the start of the workshop. On the day of the start of the workshop you’ll get to the Zoom meetup as of 13u45.


-If you would like to have more info on the workshop please send an email to