Online workshop “Practical Music Theory I”



For many artists music theory can be daunting or is just a dead end theory without practical use. Nevertheless knowing basic principles of music theory can uplift your creative process drastically and prove to be a very powerful tool to craft and further shape your musical creative ideas.

The workshop Practical Music Theory I, the first in a 2 part series of workshops, will hand you the necessary tools and techniques to start using music theory in your own work in a practical and direct way.

The workshop Practical Music Theory I gives a practical, in depth and hands on training into the fundamentals principles of the three vital elements in music: harmony, melody and rhythm.

The workshop is intended for musicians, music producers, composers, sound designers or artistic creative interested minds. No previous knowledge is required. You also do not need to play any instrument or be able to read sheet music for this workshop.

This workshop is hosted and organized by the Center-MCS (Center for Music, Coding and Sound Design). Check out more on Center-MCS and get the latest updates via our facebook page .

This workshop is organized into two sessions:

Sesssion 1: 2 hours on day 1 (31/10 : 14u00 CET – 18u00 CET)

During the first day of the workshop is we’ll dive into the fundamental principles and techniques of tonal harmony.

-Topics covered in this session include:

  • Overtone series
  • Triad chord structure
  • Major, minor, augmented, diminished triads
  • Seventh chord structure
  • Major, dominant, minor, minor/major, half diminished, augmented seventh chords
  • Chord inversions
  • Cycle of fifths
  • Major scale and major scale harmony
  • Common chord progressions in major scale harmony

Sesssion 2: 4 hours on day 2 (01/11 : 14u00 CET – 18u00 CET)

In the second second day of the workshop we’ll focus on more advanced concepts of harmony, scale theory, melodic intervals, melody writing and foundations of musical rhythm.

-Topics covered in this session include:

  • Minor scales and minor scale harmony
  • Common chord progressions in minor scale harmony
  • Harmonic modulationµ
  • Melodic intervals
  • Melody construction
    • chord tones
    • tension notes
    • passing notes
    • melodic phrasing
    • melodic motifs
  • Melodic embellishment
  • Fundamental principles of rhythm
    • Time signatures (single and compound time signatures)
    • Metric accents (stressed and unstressed beats)
    • Syncopation
    • Tuplets (triplet, quituplets)
    • Anacrusis
    • Polyrhythm



Laptop and an internet connection. The workshop also does not require any previous knowledge on music theory. It also does not require you play a musical instrument or have knowledge of music notation. All techniques and principles will be explained from the start.

Planning and duration of the workshop:


8 hours in total. This 2 day workshop runs from on 31/10 and 01/11 from 14u00 till 18u00 Central European Time (CET).

Cost of the workshop:


Cost of the workshop:

-50 € + (2,41 € handling cost)

Maximum number of participants:

A maximum off 11 participants can join this workshop.

Enrollment / additional info:


You can enroll via the following eventbrite link:

Once enrolled you’ll receive a link the day before the start of the workshop to a virtual class room where the workshop is held. This class room is accessible in a standard browser such as e.g. Google Chrome. On the day of the start of the workshop you’ll get access to the classroom as of 13u45.


-If you would like to have more info on the workshop please send an email to