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3 dimensional computational representation of internal black hole structure 

Honorary Mention for Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001 for S+T+Arts Prize – Ars Electronica

Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001 is a latest project series within the Mikromedas project.

The series is an invitation to contemplate the nature of reality, an odyssey focusing on the most enigmatic, exotic objects in space – black holes. Vermeulen augments art and science using data sonfication to transform data streams from various models of black holes into sound and music.

The music from the album is released on London based record label Ash International, subsidiary of Touch. Publishing and licensing of the album is signed to Touch Music. The album was mastered by Simon Scott (SPS Mastering), also known as a member of the band Slowdive.

Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001 received critical acclaim and has been featured extensively in international outlets and magazines including BB6 (UK), Music Radar (US), Tech Radar (US), The Wire (UK), Electronic Sound Magazine (UK), New Scientist (NL), Neural Magazine (IT), DJ Mag (US), Mixmag (UK, Asia, Korea and Middle East), Trax Magazine (FR), Future Music (Es), FazeMag (DE), on national radio stations Deutschland Funk (DE), Deutschland Funk Kultur (DE), Radio Eins (DE), Radio Canada (CA), Yle Radio1 (FI), The Wire UK on Air (UK), VRT Radio1 (BE), VRT Radio2 (BE) and VRT Max (BE). It was moreover featured in over 28 different countries worldwide including Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Nigeria, US, UK, Canada, Brasil, Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, Ukraine, Spain, Greece, Germany, France, Belgium and Romania.

In 2022 Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001 was awarded with an Honorary Mention for the STARTS-Prize Ars Electronica issued on behalf of the European Commission.

Exclusive source material used for the album originates from simulations of black hole mergers, gravitational waves, neutron stars, elementary particle behavior near black holes and white dwarfs. Data was gathered and produced in collaboration with several academic partners. These include the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Alabama (US), the Institute for Theoretical Physics at KU Leuven (BE), the Centre for mathematical Plasma Astrophysics at KULeuven (BE) ), the Department of Mathematics at the University of Antwerp (BE), physicists Prof. Dr. Matthias Kaminski and Prof. Dr. Thomas Hertog, former colleague and long time collaborator of Stephen Hawking.

The album was realized with the support of Concertgebouw Brugge (BE) and Baltan Laboratories (NL).

Bridging the fields of mathematics and music, Vermeulen has designed bespoke data sonification systems to create otherworldly expansive soundscapes, that guide us into the higher dimensional realms of deep space and reality.


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