Workshop “Max4Live and Max/MSP for Musicians”


What connects musicians or bands such as Jamie Lidell, Johnny Greenwood, Daft Punk, Mode Selektor or Holly Herndon? And how were pioneers of the electronic music scene such as Autechre, Squarepusher or Aphex Twin able to develop their own unique sound? Or what is the software system that is centrral in the work of multimedia artist and co founder of the Ableton DAW Robert Henke (AKA Monolake)? The anwser to all these questions is the revolutionary groundbreaking graphical sound programming and composing environment Max/MSP. It has been used during the years for uncountable music, sound design, sound art and multimedia projects. As of the publication of Ableton version 8 Max/MSP is now available in this very powerful DAW under the format of Max4Live.

In this workshop you will learn as a musician, music producer, composer, sound designer or artistic inspired creative mind to work with Max4Live on a practical as well as efficient level. You’ll be given a brief overview out of the enourmous range of different sound synthesis techniques available in Max4Live (subtractive, FM, wavetable, phase distortion, physical modeling and sampling). Subsequently learn how to build your own synth based on your own favourite synthesis technique.

All the necessary building blocks (such as envelopes, filters, oscillators, wavetables, audio buffers, LFO’s, sequencers, modulation units,…) will be explained hereby in full detail.

As Max4Live is much more than a software synth we’ll also dive deeper in it’s other applications. Hereby you’ll learn the fundamentals of audio and MIDI processing and how to use this to design your own audio and MIDI effects.

To end the workshop you’ll be given a hands on training how to use Beap, a highly versatile system in Max4Live in which you can easily build very complex and powerfull analogue style modular synths.

Following the workshop will enable you to fully integrate Max4Live into your  own artistic practice.

For this workshop no previous knowledge is required. All used techniques and methods will be thoroughly explained and demonstrated.

Planning, duration and location of the workshop:
Next date of this workshop is t.b.a. 21 hours in total. The workshop is be held at the new workshop space located at de Nieuwewijkstraat in Ghent (BE).

Maximum number of particants:
A maximum off 12 participants can join this workshop.

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