Online workshop “Arranging for Electronic Music”



A vital aspect to producing electronic music is its arrangement. Whereas arranging has been thoroughly studied and is taught in classical or jazz context, electronic music producers are still often left in the dark as to what are the steps towards a great arrangement.

The workshop “Arranging for electronic music” gives a practical, condensed and hands on answer to this question. In this 2 day workshop you’ll be learning a systematic approach and a whole palette of methods and techniques to arrange any genre of electronic music.

The workshop is intended for musicians, music producers, composers, sound designers or artistic creative interested minds. No previous knowledge is required for this workshop.

This workshop is hosted and organized by the Center-MCS (Center for Music, Coding and Sound Design). Check out more on Center-MCS and get the latest updates via our facebook page .

This workshop is hosted and organized by the Center-MCS (Center for Music, Coding and Sound Design). Check out more on Center-MCS and get the latest updates via our facebook page .

On a practical side the workshop is organized into two sessions:

Sesssion 1: 4 hours on day 1 (28/08 : 14u00 CET – 18u00 CET)

In this first session you ‘ll be introduced to the basic principles of arranging, get to know all building blocks used in arranging as well as learn fundamental compositional methods that can be the starting point for any kind of arrangement.

-Topics covered in this session include:

  • Building blocks of arrangement
  • Instrument and sound types used
  • Short overview synthesis techniques used and their functionality in arranging
  • Format types in arranging
  • Composition methods and arranging

Sesssion 2: 4 hours on day 2 (29/08 : 14u00 CET – 18u00 CET)

The second day of the workshop is you’ll learn all about developing an arrangement from scratch, pitfalls to avoid and elements to take into consideration for creating a great arrangement and it’s connection with the melody/harmony/rythm/frequency quadrangle. You’ll also learn how to expand your knowledge and craft in arranging by systematically analyzing and learning from your favourite tracks and compositions

Topics covered in this session include:

  • Working with contours
    • Energy contours
    • Emotion contours
    • Tension contour
  • Expectation, anticipation, tension and release
  • Arranging and harmony
  • Arranging and melody
  • Arranging and rythm
  • Working with contrast
  • Phrase and phrase coherence
  • Most common used arranging tools and techniques



Laptop and an internet connection. The workshop also does not require any previous knowledge on arranging or music theory. It also does not require you play a musical instrument or have knowledge of music notation. All techniques and principles will be explained from the start.

Planning and duration of the workshop:


8 hours in total. This 2 day workshop runs from on 28/08 and 29/08 from 14u00 till 18u00 Central European Time (CET).

Cost of the workshop:


Cost of the workshop:

-78,32 € 

Maximum number of participants:

A maximum off 11 participants can join this workshop.

Enrollment / additional info:


You can enroll via the following eventbrite link:

Once enrolled you’ll receive a link the day before the start of the workshop to a virtual class room where the workshop is held. This class room is accessible in a standard browser such as e.g. Google Chrome. On the day of the start of the workshop you’ll get access to the classroom as of 13u45.


-If you would like to have more info on the workshop please send an email to