Lecture performance “Music, Wall Street, (deep) space and Black Holes”

(Picture by Pieter Kers)


In the lecture performance “Music, wall street, (deep) space and black holes” dr. Valery Vermeulen takes the audience on a quest how to develop as an artist and scientist connections between music and math using new technologies and paradigms. Starting point is the visionary book “Formalized Music” of I. Xenakis from 1968, quantum gravity and Vermeulen’s background as a pure mathematician/theoretical physicist and musician. Vermeulen presents a voyage in time, space and sound trough various projects including Krystal Ball and Mikromedas. It is a journey that leads to the latest evolutions of astrophysics and how they bend and question the boundaries of human scientific and artistic imagination. The lecture performance also features Vermeulen’s recent work with theoretical physicst Thomas Hertog, former colleague and long time collaborator of Stephen Hawking.

This lecture performance series was presented in premiere on nov 23rd 2018 at Alva Noto – UNIEQAV + object blue + Valery Vermeulen for Fiber // The Rest is Noise at Muziekgebouw aan T’ij held in Amsterdam (NL) (https://fiberweekends.nl/event/opening-concert/).

Realised in co-production: