Valery Vermeulen is a Belgian electronic musician, music producer, mathematician, new media artist, author, guest professor at KASK-Conservatory-School of Arts (Ghent, BE), guest lecturer at Master Artscience Interfaculty (Den Hague, NL) and researcher at the Department of Mathematics at University of Antwerp (Antwerp, BE). In 2001 he obtained a Phd in pure mathematics in the field of algebraic group theory at Ghent University (BE) and in 2013 a M.A. in music production at the Royal Conservatory or Ghent (BE). Between 2001 and 2005 Vermeulen worked at the Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music (IPEM, Ghent University) on a research project focusing on the link between music and emotions. Meanwhile he started writing and recording music in my his production studio. Since 2004 Vermeulen has been working on various interactive multimedia projects. Topics in his work cover a broad range of disciplines including algorithmic music composition, (generative) sound synthesis, affective computing, artificial intelligence, biofeedback & psychofysiology, creative evolutionary systems design, astrophysics, theoretical physics, econometrics and data sonification. Besides his activities as musician and multimedia artist Vermeulen currently also works as a statistical expert, data scientist and consultant.

Vermeulen’s installations and performances have been widely shown in Belgium as well as abroad. Locations and venues of where his work was shown include Hause der Kulturen der Welt (HKW, Berlin), for CTM (Club TransMediale) Festival Berlin, KIKK Festival (Namur, BE), Ancienne Belgique (AB, Brussels, BE), Slingshot Festival (Atlanta, US), BOZAR (Brussels, BE), IMT (Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, IT), Concertgebouw Brugge (Brugge, BE), Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ (Amsterdam, NL), Technical Museum Zagreb (Zagreb, HR), GOGBOT Festival (Enschede, Nl), State Festival (Berlin, DE),  Economia Festival (Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven, NL), TEDxFlanders (Antwerp, BE), Liebig 12 Gallery (Berlin, DE), GRETA Gallery (Zagreb, HR), MHKA (Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, BE), Musical Instruments Museum (MIM, Brussels, BE), Atomium (Brussels, BE), Beursschouwburg (Brussels, BE), Z33 (Hasselt, BE), STUK (Leuven, BE) and Tour & Taxis (Brussel, BE).

His work has been featured extensively in international news outlets and magazines such as e.g. DJ Mag, MixMag, Music Radar, Tech Radar, The Wire UK, Electronic Sound Magazine, New Scientist, Mixmag (UK, Asia and Korea), Trax Magazine, Future Music (Es), FazeMag, on national radio channels Deutschland Funk (DE), Deutschland Funk Kultur (DE), Radio Eins (DE), Yle Radio1 (FI), The Wire UK on Air (UK), VRT Radio1 (BE), VRT Radio2 (BE) and Studio Brussel (BE) to name but few.

In 2021 Vermeulen released the black hole album Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001 on the label Ash International, subsidiary of the renowned Touch label. In 2022 Mikromedas AdS/CFT 001 received an Honorary Mention for the S+T+Arts Prize – Ars Electronica issued on behalf of the European Commission.

Projects in Vermeulen’s work include Mikromedas, Krystal Ball and EMO-Synth. With the Mikromedas project focus is set on the innovative use of data from space, deep space and astrophysical simulation models as new tools form music composition and performance (more info at: In Krystal Ball an interactive multimedia system where the mechanisms that cause cyclical financial crisises, stochastic and algorithmic music/image generation and the work of pioneer I. Xenakis play a central role (more info at: With the EMO-Synth project Vermeulen’s work is situated in the area of designing and implementing interactive multimedia systems where automatically generated sound and music systems are directed the emotional responses of the user more info at: