Workshop “Max4Live and Max/MSP for Musicians II”


Used by a versatile range of artists such as Johnny Greenwood, Jamie Lidell, Daft Punk, Holly Herndon, Robert Henke, Aphex Twin or Autechre, Max4Live and MaxMSP have proven throughout the years to be one of the most advanced and influential digital modular multi media platforms around. Though the learning curve for using this utmost powerful platform can be by times daunting the workshops intend to break the barrier that might prevent you as an artist to take full advantage of its possibilities.

In this 3 day workshop you’ll be taught how to dive deeper into and get the most out of Max4Live and Max/MSP  as a musician, music producer, composer, sound designer or artistic creative mind. This workshop is held at an intermediate to advanced level.

Topics that will be handled in this workshop:

  • Review how to create basic building blocks for general synth design
  • Spectral synthesis techniques using FFT (Fast Fourier Transform). As an application we’ll dive into building our own vocoder
  • Advanced polyphony techniques for synth design. As an application we’ll build a polyphonic synth based on wavetable, additive or sampling synthesis technique
  • How to design your own filters in Max4Live and MaxMSP
  • Build and design your own sequencer in Max4Live and/or MaxMSP
  • Hands on training how to use Beap, a highly versatile system in Max4Live in which you can easily build very complex and powerfull analogue style modular synths
  • Basics of how to start working with Javascript
  • Getting the most out off connecting Max4Live with Ableton live using the M4Live API
  • Working and designing your own preset strategies in Max4Live and/or MaxMSP
  • Working with multi channel audio in Max4Live and MaxMSP
  • Introduction to working with Gen~

Depending on request of the participants other topics can be handled as well or focus can be directed to one or more specific topics.

Following the workshop will enable you to fully integrate Max4Live into your  own artistic practice.

This workshop requires basic knowledge of Max4Live and MaxMSP. All methods and techniques will be thoroughly explained and demonstrated.

Planning, duration and location of the workshop:
21 hours in total. This 3 day workshop runs from 16/03 till 18/03 from 10u00 till 17u00. The workshop will be held at the new workshop space located at de Nieuwewijkstraat in Ghent (BE).

Cost of the workshop:
Regular ticket: 150 €
Student ticket (*): 100 €

Maximum number of particants:
A maximum off 12 participants can join this workshop.

Enroll and/or additional info:
If you would like to have more info on the workshop please send an email to
To enroll in this workshop please send an email to and you’ll be provided with further enrollment instructions.

(*) to be eligible for student tickets a valid proof of student enrollment has to be presented.