Workshop “Digital Sound Synthesis I”
(Edition 2)


The beginning of the 80ies saw the quick rise of the first digital synths such as Yamaha’s DX 7, the PPG Wave, or Casio’s CZ series. Throughout the years these instruments have gained legendary status. With the revival of “vintage” digital synths (e.g. reissue of DX7 by Yamaha, reissue of PPG Wave by Waldorf) and relentless development of new digital soft and hardware synths worldwide digital synthesis has become the fundamental key element of today’s electronic music scene. In contrast to analogue synthesis, digital synthesis techniques are often quite difficult to understand, master and effectively use in a musical production.

The workshop “Digital Sound Synthesis I” gives a practical, in depth and hands on answer to this question. In this first series of the workshop focus is set on two hugely popular digital synthesis techniques, namely wave table synthesis (with synths like xFer’s Serum, NI’s Massive and Ableton’s Wavetable) and FM synthesis (with synths like NI FM8, Ableton’s Operator, Dexed, Yamaha’s DX7 or Reface DX). You’ll be provided with an in depth training how to design and sculpt your own sounds using any FM or wave table synth. The method used throughout the workshop relies on a thorough understanding of spectral and waveform analysis of sounds and the fundamental principles of digital audio.

The workshop is intended for musicians, music producers, composers, sound designers or artistic creative interested minds. Topics that will be handled in this workshop include:

  • Basics of digital audio
  • Basic principles of digital synthesis
  • Overview of existing digital synthesis techniques
  • Basic principles and components of digital synthesis (oscillators, wavetables, carrier
    versus modulators, filters, envelopes, modulation and effects)
  • Basics of spectral and waveform analysis
  • Classification of sounds using spectrum and waveform
  • Practical synthesis of pad, string sounds
  • Practical synthesis of brass sounds
  • Practical synthesis of woodwind sounds
  • Practical synthesis of bell like sounds
  • Practical synthesis of bass sounds
  • Practical synthesis of keyboard sounds
  • Practical synthesis of lead sounds
  • Practical synthesis of stab sounds
  • Practical synthesis of drum and percussion sounds
  • Practical synthesis of special effect sounds

Depending on request of the participants other topics can be handled as well or focus can be directed to one or more specific topics.
For this workshop we will handle the BYOS (Bring Your Own Synth) principle. So each participants can learn all concepts and techniques on her or his own favourite digital software or hardware synth. If you don’t have your own digital synth then this is not a problem as you’ll be able to use a freeware software synth (Dexed) or possibly also a real hardware synth from Valery Vermeulen’s studio if available.

Planning, duration and location of the workshop:
21 hours in total. This 3 day workshop runs from 17/04 till 19/04. On 17/04 from 13u30 till 20u30 and and on 18/04 and 19/04 from 10u00 till 17u00. The workshop will be held at the new workshop space located at the Center for Music Coding and Sound Design (Center-MCS) at Nieuwewijkstraat 1 in Ghent (BE).

Cost of the workshop:
Regular ticket: 165 €
Student ticket (*): 125 €
Maximum number of particants:
A maximum off 10 participants can join this workshop.

Enroll and/or additional info:
If you would like to have more info on the workshop please send an email to
To enroll in this workshop please send an email to and you’ll be provided with further enrollment instructions.
(*) to be eligible for student tickets a valid proof of student enrollment has to be presented. Students from a University or a University College are eligible for student price.